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In the beginning of 1995, Manthata Duke Pila, the executive chairman, established this entity. He was driven by the changes that were sweeping through the newly established democratic South Africa. He envisioned opportunities that were going to be available to the now enfranchised black majority. The enterprising founder of All Blue Technologies has extensive knowledge and experience in ICT (Information Communication Technology) and Electrical Engineering for the rail and Eskom environments.

It made perfect sense that those would be the areas to operate in. The quest to introduce young recently qualified graduates in these highly specialised fields was the main driver of this decision. The networks from the many years of participating in these industries meant the availability of other experienced personnel. In the last half of 2011, he decided to build the All Blue Technologies. He has an extensive local and global corporate experience at both Technical and Executive Level.

All Blue Technologies is a fully incorporated South African Company 100% Black Owned & Managed.

All Blue Technologies has the resources, a solid team of engineering and support staff to execute projects.


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