All Blue Technologies has adopted an integrated approach to the management of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, our management philosophy is based on building our commitment to SHEQ around the following four pillars of sustainability.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management; our combined SHEQ improvement is a vital part of day to day operations ensuring that all employees work under safe conditions, that the operating activities are safe and all the important aspects impacting on our responsibility to deliver quality services are controlled, as well as the external environment.

Operational Safety for us is a key area. Implementing hazard management and good construction practices are crucial steps towards ensuring and maintaining operational safety.

Environmental Ethics. Whilst complying with the relevant national and international environmental legislation governing the sites wherein we conduct our operations, All Blue Technologies will also comply with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) of its clients and will also establish EMP'S for use on contracts where the client does not have a specific EMP.

Our Policy is thus designed to achieve the following Objectives:

• To ensure compliance with all local and national legislation and regulations applicable to our business services

• To provide quality products and a professional service to our Customers

• Consult and communicate with employees.

• Educate the workforce in Health, Safety principles and to identify possible environmental impacts

• Respect our people's right to work in an environment where they feel risks are adequately controlled.

• Promote the health and well-being of our people

• Measure and monitor environmental health and safety performance and indicators

• Review of the Health, Safety and Environmental policy annually and make available to all employees of the organization and will be made available to the public on request.

• The Policy is used as part of our objective to focus on continual improvement of the effectiveness of our management system.

This is achieved by:

• Empowering the people by means of continual awareness to recognise unsafe situations and report it to Management

• Establishing effective communication channels to avoid the possibility of communication breakdowns due to the diversity of our workforce for all employees and Management

• Ongoing internal and external training of employees in achieving the necessary quality control to satisfy our customer needs.

• The Organisation operates on Integrated Quality Management System that is based ISO 9001: 2015

Director Commitment

I Manthata Duke Pila, the company director, pledge to provide satisfactory resources to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, that our company employees are provided with the necessary training, supervision, information, procedures, skills, equipment and leadership necessary to achieve our policy objectives.

This policy applies to all employees of All Blue Technologies cc;