The Quality Policy of ALL BLUE TECHNOLOGIES is to effectively and efficiently provide services and training which effectively utilise the quality system to achieve a unique service, which maintains a high standard of quality throughout.

To achieve the implementation of this policy, the Company's operations are conducted in accordance with a formal system of Quality Management that complies to ISO 9001 (2015) and which is documented in its quality system and procedure manuals. The quality system and procedures are designed to ensure that all activities performed in establishing contracts – and in providing the services necessary to fulfil customer requirements are controlled and performed so that a predictably acceptable customer service level is achieved.

The Management commit themselves and employees to exercise all reasonable skill and care in performing their duties in order to provide an excellent service to their customers. Managers ensure that regular reviews of the Company's performance and the effective operation of the quality system are conducted and completed to ensure maximum efficiency.

We ensure that the system is constantly monitored and upgraded in accordance with legislative, regulatory and client adjustments in order to develop company procedures in a predominantly simplistic manner for our staff to achieve, whilst understanding the importance of this requirement.


As part of our IDP program ALL BLUE TECHNOLOGIES strongly believes in the value of training to improve service to customers and to ensure all personnel reach their full potential and obtain maximum job satisfaction. Our Company will carry out appropriate training to ensure that all personnel performing electrification functions are trained in accordance with a formal training process and this will include inspections and assessments, which in the end contribute to the quality of the product and / or service, and thus making sure they are capable of delivering their OHTEs effectively.

To ensure these objectives are achieved, it is the ALL BLUE TECHNOLOGIES Policy that all training will be under the supervision of suitably authorized qualified personnel and that: Newcomers to our Company shall receive appropriate Induction training regarding the company, its policies and relevant safety information. Newcomers to our Company who work on site will undergo a raining period until they reach a competent and safe standard unless they have evidence to support existing competence. All staff will be given appropriate training before or immediately after promotion or transfer, to enable them to perform their new tasks satisfactorily.

There will be a staff appraisal system and staff will discuss their progress and training needs annually with a representative of the Company. At any other time they have the opportunity to discuss their training with either immediate Supervisor or training Manager. The Safety Manager is responsible for training and has the authority to make decisions regarding training.
Training records shall be held at the ALL BLUE TECHNOLOGIES Head Office.

All trainers shall be approved by authorized representative of Transnet, ESKOM, Associated Industries and provide evidence of the same.